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Squadron Standards

  Rules of the =SE= Sea Eagles Squadron:

  1. Wing participation is not mandatory, never the less; Wing participation should be preferred and requests for participation are to be answered at all times. On Squadron Nights all =SE= Sea Eagles Pilots fly together.
  2. Every Sea Eagles Pilot reports in via =SE= official Discord in order to facilitate communication and coordination of Wings and Formation Flying in flight.
  3. Everybody will provide maximum assistance best to his abilities that will mainly apply towards newbies. We will never assault any player neither another Sea Eagles nor a stranger in public. Differences of opinion will be dealt with in private (i.e. by e-mail) never in public. If a member of the Sea Eagles is repeatedly attracting attention by means of inappropriate postings of insulting contents expulsion from the squadron might be a consequence
  4. The =SE= Sea Eagles Squadron fly every kind of plane. We fly allied and axis, just what it takes
  5. Cheating or just the attempt of cheating will result in immediate and irrevocable expulsion of the person proven to be cheating from the squadron. Enemy pilots rescuing themselves by means of parachute will not be attacked under any circumstances. Members of the =SE= Sea Eagles Squadron refrain from any unfair methods. Gaming the Game is not allowed!
  6. You never walk alone, even when you are returning to base. Every member will take care of the safe return to base of other members.
  7. You must be available to fly with the group so time available is important. If you live in the USA you will be accommodated.  

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